Assessments and Reports

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Do you need help providing an impact report to a funder or donor?

Does your charity run a grant programme and need to assess whether grantholders are delivering what they promised? Are they meeting your criteria and is your money properly accounted for?

Do you need to confirm that what your charity or social enterprise is delivering is REALLY what your users need and want, and is it being delivered as effectively as it could be?

David and CITOC can help in any of these situations, by undertaking an analysis, researching comparatives, meeting and engaging with everyone involved, and producing well written, succinct, intelligent reports couched in terms appropriate for the audience involved. We always use plain English and we always bear in mind any accessibility issues associated with your audience.

We can also bring links to professional designers and copywriters (or liaise closely with yours) for work that is to enter the public domain or that needs to impress!

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Find out how we can help your organisation. An initial discussion is free of charge and without any obligation. CITOC’s consultancy and project management rates are highly competitive and can be negotiated on an individual basis to fit your budget and to be commensurate with the job in hand.

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