Consultancy for charities

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“Consultancy” can be a slightly daunting concept for smaller charities. Might it be expensive? Surely it’s only for bigger organisations? Will they take over too much?

David and CITOC are different.

We think a consultant should provide a short term resource boost and a level of expertise – probably focused on a very specific objective or task – that you might not otherwise be able to afford or have access to quickly.

It’s an effective way of accessing strategic or tactical skills exactly when you need them.

It’s true that a consultant is often brought in to troubleshoot a problem (and yes, of course we can do this for you), but an external expert can also be a way of exploiting a new opportunity, helping you plan your way forward or resolving an important dilemma.

Consultancy can range from a couple of days’ work to several months, or even be semi-permanent if required. An example of a short term project might be the facilitation of a strategic planning day. A longer term investment could involve mentoring a new or a senior staff member for several months. Perhaps your small charity or social enterprise is considering a major strategic project such as a constitutional change, priorities review, rebranding, renaming or merging. These are all things that CITOC can help with.

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Find out how we can help your organisation. An initial discussion is free of charge and without any obligation. CITOC’s consultancy and project management rates are highly competitive and can be negotiated on an individual basis to fit your budget and to be commensurate with the job in hand.

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