Practical support for charities

Taking practical advice from a book

If you are faced with a problem, David and CITOC can help on a practical level.

Very often, a new venture or a new problem requires resources that a charity or social enterprise – especially a smaller one – simply cannot afford to commit to; at least not in terms of adding to a payroll budget. Using CITOC eliminates the financial risk associated with taking on new staff, but adds the expertise and focused resource you might need to get things done. For example:

  • Do you need practical advice on how to implement a project?
  • Want to know how to build infrastructure?
  • What about improving your communications planning or developing your online presence?
  • Do you need assistance launching and promoting a new service?
  • Perhaps you need some specific skills – an author to help you develop materials or write a report, an event facilitator or host, or some technical expertise
  • Could you use someone to be part of a recruitment panel, or to draft a job description for a new post?

Let’s meet

Find out how we can help your organisation. An initial discussion is free of charge and without any obligation. CITOC’s consultancy and project management rates are highly competitive and can be negotiated on an individual basis to fit your budget and to be commensurate with the job in hand.

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