Safeguarding training and testing

This is a short training module on safeguarding. You can complete the module at any time at no cost, however there is a small cost of £4.99 to confirm your test result percentage and issue you with a completion (pass or fail) certificate.

This module is aimed at staff and volunteers who are working for charities that do not generally work with children or vulnerable adults, but who nevertheless need to be aware of the risks of abuse and our shared responsibility to protect those we come across in our work. Even someone who never works with children might have their suspicions raised and be in a position to report or prevent harm.

All charities, of all sizes, should have a safeguarding policy in place, and a set of procedures to follow if abuse is reported, witnessed or suspected. These will be proportionate to the risks involved, and this module is not intended to meet the training needs of those working in regulated positions. These should be covered by your own organisation and be much more comprehensive than this module.

This module and test should take you 45-60 minutes. Please do not simply “skip” through the pages as this is identified by the system and will negate your result.

All information you enter will be retained by CITOC for 15 months and then deleted. This is in case of any query and data is not used for any other purpose. The certificate is valid for 12 months from issue, and most employers will require the training to be refreshed at that time. By completing the training you agree that we can share your details and result with the manager you name in the form. If you do not need to report to a manager, please just re-enter your own details in that section.

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