The glass has water in it!


Welcome to 2021.

Like many, I’m mostly glad to see the back of 2020. Having said that, there have been a few good things to come out of the year for me and I’m in the fortunate position of not having lost anyone to COVID-19.

But in the bigger scheme of things, 2021 has got to be a more successful year for us all, in particular for the charity sector which has taken more than it’s fair share of financial hit over the pandemic. With fundraising activity devastated, money (probably rightly) diverted to those groups directly dealing with the impact of COVID, and less money in the average donors pocket, we know that charities will be down on income. As an example, the small charity for which I am a trustee has seen an 80% reduction in income, because it’s usually all generated by public performance events. This will undoubtedly have a reducing effect on our grants programme supporting young people in 2021.

I truly hope for and wish the best to everyone working in the third sector for the coming year.

It will be many months at least before we are returned to any sort of normality, even assuming the vaccination programme goes well and the COVID-19 virus doesn’t mutate to a variant that cannot be controlled by the approved injections. In the UK we need to vaccinate 45 million people – 70% of the population – to achieve what they call “herd immunity”, at 1 million people a week that takes us up to November. Hopefully in the summer fundraising events will be viable again, but certainly the Spring is not likely to bring any significant change in that respect.

Rudy FranciscoStill, we have to be positive, so that’s my New Year’s Resolution. As US poet Rudy Francisco (pictured) said “it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, there’s water in the cup.”

Stay safe and best wishes.