Course 15: Ethical Dilemmas (a ZOOM event)

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Note that because face to face training events are cancelled (until at least 01 July 2021) due to COVID-19 this course has been designed as an interactive ZOOM event.

Join this fascinating facilitated discussion based around thought provoking ethical dilemmas.

NOTE: The nature of this event means that places are strictly limited to 19.

Date: Monday 01 March 2021
Time: 09:30 – 12:00
Fee: (charity/voluntary sector) £19
Fee: (commercial/public sector) £29
Maximum audience: 19
Place: An online event accessed using Zoom (see note 1 below)

A highly innovative, thought provoking and fun panel session designed to get you thinking “out of the box” (don’t you just love a cliché).

With participation limited to 20 (19 delegates and our host)at a time these are highly interactive events.

Partly entertainment, partly learning, partly a journey of self discovery.

The panel will discuss, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, hypothetical moral and ethical dilemmas. In a world turned upside down by the death and suffering brought by COVID-19, we all need to be thinking differently about the future. Explore the limits of selflessness and the limits of selfishness in a safe environment, where every participant will commit to the Chatham House rule.

The course is delivered in the context of the charity sector but topics will be wide ranging. The two hours will fly by.

Learn about yourself, and explore the limits of your own beliefs and convictions. Book your place using the form below.

During this session we will cover:

  • the rules of the debates
  • skills to think about and apply in debate
  • 5 ethical/moral scenarios to test you and that build throughout

Included in the price is:

  • event material to consider in advance
  • delegate place
  • host and facilitator of the debates
  • ten days’ follow-up Q&A email with event presenter
  • links to other participants, subject to their individual permissions
  • certificate of attendance (see note 2 below)


  • 0930: Access to Zoom platform and informal chat
  • 0940: Event rules and protocols
  • 0950: Introduce yourself in 30 seconds
  • 1005: Debating skills – open discussion
  • 1015: Our 5 Scenarios
  • 1155: Summary and closing comments
  • 1200: Close


1. This event will use the online video platform Zoom. This is a free service which you can access at Although it is technically possible to attend the event on a small screen it is highly recommended that you use a desktop or laptop PC in order that you can interact with all participants.

2. This is not a formally accredited event, however many continuing professional development (CPD) programmes allow for periods of self-reflection, self-development and other active learning to be included, so certificates will be available if required.

Book your place using the form below.

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